Detroit in Darkness

Darkest Before Dawn pt. 1

The night is darkest just before the dawn ...

April 4th, 2011 – continued

This whole situation is fucked. That’s what everyone is thinking as they drive through the urban landscape of Detroit.

It’s just after midnight when the coterie ends up back at Matthew’s penthouse. First thing’s first – “How about a drink?”

That Seth can be very hospitable at times. Almost makes a Ventrue cry.

James McDillon calms down a bit as the smooth taste of 30 year old, single barrel whiskey hits his stomach. “Everything went to shit,” he starts, “…just after my business went under. I lost my wife, my house…everything.”

Poor sap. Almost makes you want to kill him right there and put him out of his mortal misery.

He continues, “I was living practically on the streets when I was approached. These guys, they offered me money and a way out of my predicament. What could I do but take their offer? It was simple work, just watching people. Like some private eye type stuff, ya know?”

“But after a while, well, they wanted me to do violent things. I didn’t want to hurt anybody, but they threatened my family! How the fuck did they find my family?!”

I just want to yell at him…it’s the 21st century you dumb shit! Ever heard of a little company called Google?!

Matthew dispatches Carter to get James’ family before he decides to start questioning deeper – Who is he working for? What are they planning?

James gives them their worst news yet – the two Lupines they killed in the club were not the only ones. There are more and they are angry. That’s why he was on their tail and kidnapped Nikiha. They want their activity to stay a secret and they need that data on the thumb drive.

James happily forks over information about where the other mortal followers are living at. He doesn’t know much else though and after a second drink of whiskey he excuses himself to use the pisser.

That’s when things go wrong for the crew. A scream erupts from the bathroom like that of a dying man – who didn’t see that coming?

What these neonates see is a horrible sight indeed. James is clutching at his arm and chest area and the veins in his arm are starting to turn black. There’s a weird shadow in the corner and the reflection of an evil looking wolf eye peering out from some spilled water on the counter.

Seriously…what the fuck is going on in this place? I think I’ll start taking bets as to who dies next.

But before the pathetic mortal can bite the dust, Seth calls his little African witch to come and see if she can help. She’s never seen anything like this before and does what little she can – which is to simply halt the corruption in place. She glows a bit after grasping her symbol of faith and chanting a prayer and just like that the shadow and the eye disappear.

She has some hidden talents I see. I wonder what else she can do…

Matthew plays upon his best instinct – the need for more use…err…information from James – and calls Michael Pompey to see if he can help. Turns out he can but it’s going to cost $25,000. Matthew scoffs at the chump change and agrees immediately.

Michael comes over with a bag of tricks and, after an hour in seclusion with James he says that James will recover, but it will take time. James remains unconscious but is now surrounded by his wife and daughter.

What a cute scene. I wonder what the little girl tastes like? But I digress.

April 5th, 2011

Everyone stays at Matthew’s place though they are all a bit on edge what with the strange shadow and eyeball in the water.

Matthew decides he needs to attend to business matters and heads off to Eden Nightclub. While there, he meets with one of his special security members – Crow, a Kindred who has recently come to Detroit in search of answers. Crow and Matt are starting to trust each other, thankfully, which is why when Crow notices some goon in the crowd is eyeing Matthew, Crow goes to tell him about it.

Matthew immediately gets nervous. “Tighten security, keep an eye on that guy.”

But it’s all for naught. Once security tightens the guy is gone.

On the other side of town a meeting is taking place. Nasir finally got the business meeting he was hoping for from Paxton McCray. Meeting at The Kingdom, they get a drink and start the dance that all Kindred engaging in joint ventures engage in – the exchange of empty platitudes and utter nonsense in an attempt to gauge the other Vampire’s strengths and weaknesses.

What a waste of time. Just stake each other in the heart and save the world some time.

They agree to meet again later, however, which just might push this business deal into the realm of reality. In fact, Nasir agrees to go and see Paxton and his crew in his own domain. A bold move and one that displays immense trust.

Matthew decides to head back home and invites Crow to take on the special assignment of becoming an extra personal bodyguard. Paranoid much, Mr. Grey?

Though perhaps it was a good thing that he is so paranoid…Crow realizes they are being followed all the way back to Broderick Towers. Upon arrival he informs Matt about this – Matt instantly goes on high alert.

After getting up to the penthouse another mortal screams in fear. “AAAAAIIIIEEEEEEE!!!” This cannot bode well.

After they get to the room where James is being held they see his wife, Julie, panicking and pointing at the large window. “A face! What is that FACE?!”

They look and see a giant and somewhat human looking wolf face. It looks at them all with a growl. And then, it appears to laugh before fading away into nothing.

Obviously this place is not as safe as was previously believed.

Matt decides to make a bold move and help get James out of the country. Hopefully if he is away on a private island he and his family will be safe. Everyone packs up and is ready to go in minutes.

Meanwhile, Nasir has just made it to Zug Island, the domain and base of operations for Paxton and his associate Raziel Frost. What awaits him here? Death or opportunity?

There’s so much to do and enemies on all sides. Who will come out on top and how?

Probably no one. They’re all damned in undeath anyway…


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