Detroit in Darkness

Enter the Darkness

A simple night? Nothing is simple in this un-life...

We finally started! And it was good… Read on to see what occurred!

April 1st, 2011

It was a balmy spring night in Detroit. That’s Michigan’s way of saying “here’s a taste of summer which won’t actually be here for another 2 months.” A perfect night for it too – April fools.

Several of the Neonates of Detroit had it in them to visit the Gothic club known as Ascension UK. A good night for it as the Goths will be showing some extra skin due to the weather. Yummy.

At least that’s what Seth and Matthew thought as they headed out for the evening. Seth was in search of pure sustenance. Matt was persuaded by a herd member to check out the scene. The promise of “desert” proved a powerful lure.

Meanwhile, Mr. Asad had a business meeting for a possible partnership that could prove fruitful. It’s too bad that Mr. McCray didn’t show up for it. He was busy with some bullshit going on in his crew. Sometimes being the boss sucks.

What a night. Oh yes, things were looking good. The scene was hopping and the girls were frisky.

But what’s this? A frantic man running into the club – looks scared out of his head if you ask me. Smells of fear to be sure. Probably saw a spider in the doorway. Mortals are such cowards.

Well this is a development: the frantic man is stopped as he bumps into Seth. They exchange a few short words before the man, after looking over his shoulder, bolts out of the back exit to the club. He is quickly followed by two large fellows who look like they mean business. Poor sap. Probably flirted with the wrong woman.

Things are good afterward and Seth gets part of his fill. Nasir looks sullen as he is realizing he got stood up at a business meeting. It’s annoying enough that he could just about KILL someone. Well he might just get his chance…those two large fellows are back and they are accosting Seth something fierce.

Two other guys, men who’ve been hanging out by the smoke area keeping to themselves, seem to not like this and approach the thugs. Some growls are exchanged and then suddenly – WHAT THE HELL?! Shit just hits the FUCKING fan.

Those two thug motherfuckers change into giant wolf-men – fucking lupines! And gross ones at that. They have patchy fur, mottled almost lizard-like skin, and glowing green eyes a midst warts and boils and such. Disgusting.

One of the thugs wastes no time and rakes his gigantic fucking claws across one of the other guys’ chest. Nearly cuts him in half but instead just cuts him to ribbons. Guts and gore go everywhere.

The other guy is luckier and only takes a small scratch to his arm. I guess he didn’t want to end up like his buddy – a bleeding meat sack on the floor. And then all of a sudden HE changes into a wolf man! Damn Lupines are everywhere these days. Where’s the number for the dog pound anyway? Aren’t they doing their damned job?

Poor little Seth, he’s just sitting there pissing himself. I don’t think he has a clue what’s going on. I don’t think his Beast does either.

And Matt, well he’s doing what seems to be the impossible. As all the other humans are running for dear life and screaming like maniacs he seems to have calmed his ladies down somewhat and is gallantly leading them out to safety. Kudos to you. Who says chivalry is dead? Oh wait, he IS dead.

Nasir just grins an evil grin. I think all Assamites have to perfect that grin before they are released into the wild. I bet they are staked and thrown back in the ground if they don’t. Because I swear to Caine that I’ve never seen an Assamite who can’t make that same damned grin.

He is smooth though. I’ll give him that. He slides right over to some shadows on the dance floor and disappears. I immediately watch my back. Fucking Assamites.

One of the dirty dogs grabs Seth and picks him up like a toy. Seth looks dumbfounded for a second before he decides to grow some claws and bitch slap the gigantic doberman that is holding him. Too bad his slap did nothing but piss him off. This might be the end for Seth. Too bad too, I kind of liked him.

But then ole Mikey does some sly shit and all that blood and guts freezes or something. Makes the dingy dog slip and fall over, dropping Seth. Maybe that guy will live to see another night after all.

The other two dogs are going at it. Clearly the “normal” looking dog is winning. Pfft. What the hell is normal about a 9-foot tall wolf-man? What the hell is normal about a damned dead guy walking around for that matter?

All of a sudden a shot comes from the darkness and the wolf hovering over Seth howls in pain. Nasir seems to have gotten some aggression out…

And then the other mangy mutt falls from some slashes and gashes the “nice” wolf dishes out. Fucking beasts, man. All brawn and no brain.

The wounded mutt realizes things aren’t in his favor and bolts for it. But not before Nasir is able to blow his fucking brains all over the wall. Poor Micheal. This is going to be a hell of a mess to clean up.

Everyone is out of the club and the fight is over as quick as it started. That’s when slick Rick Mr. Grey comes back on the scene. Smart guy if you ask me.

Everyone converses for a while. The Lupine who came to Seth’s aid – or did he join for his own reasons? Anyway, he thanks them for their help and introduces himself as Jerry before he departs with his dead friend over his shoulder.

Michael starts going about cleaning up the mess using some crazy wicked magic – who knew that you could sprinkle salt on Lupines and they would burn to ash? Apparently Michael did.

Meanwhile, all Seth can think about is “What the HELL?!” and “Why ME?” He ponders for a second that perhaps it has something to do with that weird thumb drive you found in your pocket just before he was accosted. Something about a 17th president.

Again he thinks, and says, “WHAT THE HELL?!”

Michael shoos everyone out and away. Outside the club the trio make proper introductions. Although they somewhat know of each other, they don’t really know each other. After coming to no consensus whatsoever, typical of Kindred, they part ways.

Nasir let’s his friend Dmitra Ilyanova know about the incident. She seems very intrigued and promises to look into it.

Meanwhile Seth gets rudely hung up on by Bruce Halifax, one of Dmitra’s Hounds.

And lastly, Matt enjoys a good meal back at his place.

And the night ends much quieter than it began. Perhaps tomorrow night will be less exciting than tonight was. Probably not. This is fucking Detroit after all.


It’s strange I find myself checking here everyday for an update to the second chapter. My character feels like a tool because he is caught in events that are way above his abilities and he has someone that he needs to protect. It looks like these wolves have pulled out all the stops. It may be time for some serious tail kicking!

Enter the Darkness
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