Detroit in Darkness

The Darkness Deepens

Everything has consequences. Even survival.

April 2nd, 2011

…Fucking rain. That’s the shitty part about Michigan in Spring – just when you think it’s starting to get warm the weather turns cold again but with rain to boot.

At least it’s just a sprinkle. Nothing too bad. A good night for a night worker to be on shift, inside and dry.

And that’s just what Seth was up to. Well, he was brooding over the previous night’s events as well. And so just before shift he decides to talk to his confidant and friend about what happened. He learns some things that unsettle him, though I’m sure that if he learned there was a mouse in his room he’d be unsettled as well. Doesn’t take much with this guy.

Meanwhile, fucking Casanova is hitting on some ladies again. He’s spending some time out at the The Kingdom and meeting a new young lady named Felicia. She seems quite the pistol. Maybe enough to give him a run for his money.

The Assamite, Nasir is fucking around and looking for work. He’s rather bored it would seem and needs some more action after last night. Assamites are all adrenaline junkies if you ask me. And they can’t even make adrenal anymore. Poor bastards.

But what’s this? Someone following Casanova? And another person following Seth? This is definitely unusual. Could it be linked to last night’s shenanigans?

Matthew decides to play it safe and exits stage left. Seth just keeps an eye on his lobby. Because, heck, who wants to lose their job over someone who’s probably just a homeless man?

What a boring, rainy night.

April 3rd, 2011

Shit. Those guys are back. This can’t be just a coincidence. At least that’s what Seth thinks. He’s a little paranoid, but in this UnLife Paranoia can pay dividends.

And so he calls his new pal Nasir. Invites him over to talk to him a bit. And then decides to work on cracking the thumb drive he conspicuously received the other night.

What he found did not please him.

There was information about a new clan of Werewolves which are moving into Detroit and gaining human thralls to their cause. Even worse, these Lupines are in communication with the hated Sabbat!

Sabbat, Camarilla, Lupines…they’re all fucking beasts anyway.

Nasir doesn’t like the news. He hasn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary himself, but then again, he’s too focused on himself to really pay attention. What’s this? He offers to help – to be a lookout. Maybe he isn’t so selfish after all. Especially since his offer is to stand out in the rain all night making sure nothing goes awry.

Meanwhile Matt is having a grand ole time in the club as always. Except when he notices that same guy who’s been following him is back. And this time he’s inside Matt’s club! The nerve!!

Before Matt can react fully, the guy is gone. It’s best to put the bouncers and guards on high alert though…

April 4th, 2011

What a crappy Monday. It’s raining again. Still sprinkling down that horrible spring rain. It’s cold too.

Good thing those things don’t truly bother a Kindred too much.

Nasir and Seth meet back up to talk. Seth took the night off so that they could figure all of this out in more detail. Seth figures he needs to get this valuable information into the hands of someone who can properly deal with it. Nasir figures there will be a payday. Damn mercenary.

They decide to involve their other witness – Matthew Grey. He’s a Ventrue after all and seems like he has some sort of connections.

So they call him and off they go to meet at his Penthouse.

And what a Penthouse it is! Two whole floors of the building are his to live in. There’s a private garage and everything. Thank goodness too, because they were followed on the way over.

Matt calmly accepts the bad news – Lupines possibly making allies with the Sabbat. Well, let’s get this to the Prince! And he’s the smart one…

Just then the phone rings… Seth’s phone to be exact.

Oh, it’s no big deal. Nothing to be worried about. It’s just his mortal ally and closest friend has been kidnapped and is being held hostage in return for the thumb drive.

Seth promptly freaks out. I’m starting to see a pattern here. Shit hits the fan, Seth freaks out. At least he’s predictable.

Nasir and Matt on the other hand decide to take action. They agree to help Seth. Why? Probably for their own selfish motives. I mean, who doesn’t like having a favor in their pocket?

After coming up with a quick plan, they decide to take off to the meeting place. It’s way out in the wilderness – not a good omen.

Nasir gets dropped off early so he can stalk close to the drop point and set up a sniping position with a rifle Matt loaned him.

Matt’s Bently edges up to the parking area where there is a car already waiting – an old Buick just like the one that’s been seen following them. There’s a man and a light skinned woman. The woman has a gun to her…

Seth freaks out…again.

The headlights are giving off enough light that everything is clearly visible. Nasir is set up and waiting for the right opportunity to shoot.

Matt and Seth get out of the car. They walk a little forward…

“That’s far enough! Do you have the thumb drive?!”

That voice – recognition sets in. Matthew KNOWS this person.

“Is that you, James? ”/campaigns/detroit/characters/james-mcdillon" class=“wiki-content-link”>James McDillon?"

Shock sets in on James’ face. “Matt? Is that you? Don’t come any closer!”

Matt quickly assesses the situation and calms James down. Turns out he’s run in with the wrong crowd in a big way. He’s scared and broken…he needs help.

James puts the gun down and lets Nikiha go. Seth is overjoyed, Matt is contemplative, and Nasir is pissed because he didn’t get to make a head splatter on the pavement. I’m kind of with Nasir on this one…

So they all pile into cars and head out, back to Matt’s place, in order to question James about what’s going on with all of this.

They may not like what they find…


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