Detroit in Darkness

Spring is Coming
Starting soon I hope!

So it looks like we may be starting the game soon. Probably in early August. I’m still finishing up all the basic setting needs so that personalities, plots, and other things are all in motion and (mostly) fleshed out when we start. Sandbox game for the win!

I AM looking at likely utilizing Google+ Hangouts and the website Roll20 ( for the game. This will allow us to all play without always having to be face to face and should limit the amount of scheduling conflicts we have. I’ve already stated that I will be running sessions as long as we have 3 or more players to play. If you miss a session, that’s on you. I’m not going to be coddling anyone. You either want to play, and make time, or you don’t play that week.

That’s also part of the reason I’m looking at doing the online gaming thing. This will help accommodate those individuals who don’t live very close to me. I am still willing to have people “at the table” with me playing face to face. A Laptop will still be necessary in order to work with those players who aren’t with us in person.

I am also still going to be working in some special “Drama Cards” and will be keeping close track of which cards everyone has. I think these will add a good amount of flair to the game.

Lastly, this is a Vampire game. Vampires can sometimes be backstabbing assholes when what you are doing hinders their long-term goals. Thus I will ALLOW the manipulating, lying to, and even attacking of other player characters. PvP is entirely possible although it is discouraged for the obvious reasons of group unity, possible hurt feelings, and the fact that there will already be plenty of other enemies for you to worry about.

Please leave comments and thoughts for what you are thinking, what you would like to see, or any questions!

The Delay
Why no action yet?

Well, we were SUPPOSED to start in May. But that didn’t happen. I, the Storyteller of this game, got tagged for a Deployment to Afghanistan. So that kind of put a damper on that whole thing. On the plus side I have some extra time – like a whole year – to work on the campaign details and really flesh out my “world.” By the time I get back the whole of Detroit will be populated, those citizens will have back-stories and motivations and plans, and the plot will so well developed that I think I’ll be able to make a movie series out of it.

I don’t plan on having the players do too much until about a month before I get home. They can do more if they want, but it’s not required. I figure that if I give everyone a month to re-flesh out their characters, their back-stories, and their motivations, then everyone will be in the “VTM mindset” when we start play. And I am PUMPED to start play.

So, if you are a visitor to this page and want to see how this story unfolds, then I recommend you keep this in mind and be ready for the fun to begin sometime during the summer of 2013. That is, of course, if Gehenna doesn’t happen on December 21st of this year. Eeegads.

Getting ready to start

The game is currently in the planning phase and the site is being updated weekly. If you are a guest to this campaign page, please, look around and enjoy. I’m particularly proud of my Interactive Detroit Map and really look forward to the players and the campaign fleshing it out more. After all, some things are unknown to the players yet.

We are all really looking forward to the game. I must admit that I really like some of the things that the DM for Star Trek Late Night does in his campaign and I am going to “borrow” some of those things. The idea of a drama deck, for instance. I mean, I’ve played in games with “player points” which allow players to do cool stuff on the fly or permanently augment characters…but the drama deck seems so much more fun – and random! And the fact that some of the cards can be used by players to screw over other players works perfectly in a Vampire: The Masquerade setting.

Anyways, we intend to start sometime in May. So there is plenty of time to pump up the site and get it to where I want it to be. And by then I’ll also be an Ascendant member! So that means more features and more fun when the game actually starts!

- Jared


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