Tag: mortal


  • Alora

    Alora is rarely seen outside of Melvindale which ensures that most Kindred in Detroit have never seen her at all. Alora is the mortal personal assistant to Leonardo Giovanni, but what her job entails remains a mystery.

  • Cassandra Giovanni

    Cassandra Giovanni is not a Kindred. Instead she is one of the mortal members of the Giovanni family. At night she can be found in the presence of Nicky Giovanni, her "sister" and apparently best friend. During the day Cassandra will sometimes take …

  • Jared Phillips

    Jared Phillips is an odd man who generally has a far away look in his eyes. But when he is fully present in the moment his conversation is wonderfully witty and cheerful.

  • Trent Lewis

    Trent Lewis seems to be a friend or business associate of Michael Pompey. Other than that he is a complete mystery.

  • Nikiha Olatungi

    She greets you with a smile and speaks with a slight South African accent. She seems nice enough but there is something underneath that hints of deeper knowledge. She is known in the neighborhood for being an albino and has occasional Social interviews …