Ascension UK

Boarded up in detroit

Ascension UK is a gothic-industrial club in Detroit. It is owned by one Michael Pompey, a semi-disreputable hedge mage. It came into being 6 years ago when Michael, his girlfriend Lee, and a couple of friends were sitting around talking and smoking pot when the idea just came together.

On the outside, Ascension looks like a boarded up Chinese restaurant. But if you follow the purple arrow on the door you`ll discover a low-key sorta place with coffee and booze, bands and chess. There`s a nerdy guy who likes to study Egyptian heiroglyphs at the bar a lot and a very cute amazonian bartender named Havanah who`ll let you try to win free drinks answering trivia pursuit cards.

Michael and Lee have instituted a general “don`t kill each other here please” policy regarding supernaturals and are not happy campers when patrons are lured out into the alleyways and preyed upon but acknowledge that it happens from time to time. There`s a sign on one of the walls: “Don`t Be Stupid!” that is used as a general motto by the Ascension staff.

Of fairly common knowledge is the ghosts of Ascension UK. From what the staff and regulars can gather, there are about 4-6 ghosts overall. One seems to be a Chinese man, another a young brunette woman, and yet another a black man who looks like an 1800’s slave. So far there have been no incidents besides some random electrical disruptions and some visages that have freaked out more than a few customers.

So come on in, stay a while, and have a drink or two.

Ascension UK

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