Detroit in Darkness

Darkest Before Dawn pt. 2

...But in the eternal night, is there ever a dawn?

April 5th, 2011

This damnable night just seems to go on and on…

Nasir finally pulls his 350Z onto the slightly muddy ground of Zug Island where Paxton is waiting. After a short exchange about some overall goals which Paxton has for his organization, Shadow Edge, Nasir makes a leap of faith.

“This sounds like my basic idea”, he starts, “and right now I’m involved in something where I could probably use your help, if you’re willing.”

Paxton listens intently as Nasir fills him in on the current Lupine situation. But who knows what’s going on inside that scheming head of his.

Meanwhile, Matthew B. Grey, Crow, and Seth Grove, are taking the unconscious James McDillon to the Detroit Airport to get them on a flight. Matt looks up the times and flights available and decides to ship them off to Aspen.

Seth calls Nasir and lets him know what’s going on and Nasir, in his infinite wisdom, convinces Paxton and his partner Raziel Frost to get into the action. They said they’d help, so why not?

The trusting fool…

Everyone meets up at the airport and things are going well. I mean, there is 9 guys just rolling into the airport all with suits and looking like a mafia meeting, but no biggie. No one seems to care that much in Detroit.

Except that Priest over there. He cares about Nasir and the evil presence which Nasir seems to emanate. And he starts to cause a ruckus over it and brings some guards to attention. Sadly, in these post-9/11 days the local airport authorities take a middle easterner very seriously.

What’s this though? Paxton is moving in to save the day? With the judicial use of his Vampiric Discipline he is able to slightly mold the mind of the Priest and get him to calm down.

Once that is done, he uses that silver tongue of his to talk the airport security into believing that the priest was being somewhat racist against his friend.

Oh, and now Nasir is getting into the action and getting some comps from the airlines. Greedy fucking bastard.

With that situation now dealt with, James and his family get off on the flight to Aspen. Hopefully they will be safe there for the time being.

Everyone then plans what to do next and Paxton invites them over to his home base claiming that it will be a safe haven for them. Hey, he’s got armed men, so why not?

After they arrive they fill Paxton and Raziel in on the whole situation. Then first thing is first – how do they get the information they have into the right hands? How do they KNOW they got it into the right hands? The drive they left for the Prince might not have even been seen by him yet.

And so they decide to up their chances by attempting to contact Oliver the Black.

Raziel and Crow take off in Raziel’s Lamborghini. The first leg of the trip goes off perfectly. But on the way back from “leaving a message” for Oliver the Lambo stalls out.

How ominous…

While waiting for AAA, who Raziel called, they hear some low growling from the side of the road. Immediately on edge, Raziel grabs his shotgun.

Another growl comes from the overpass above them. As they look to the source, a nine-foot tall shadow unfurls from the darkness. Greenish eyes glower at the two Kindred, stranded on the side of the road.

Suddenly more growling is heard from under the overpass. A huge, shadowy figure is seen there as well.

Crow calls out in challenge, “Well come on then!” His tomahawk at the ready. He’s never skinned a giant wolf before. This could be a treat…if he survives.

The giant figure laughs and then proceeds to slowly lumber along the overpass, headed to where he could walk down to them. Along the way the figure’s giant claws are scraping against the overpass barrier and fence and creating a shower of sparks.

The figure under the overpass runs across the road and leaps over the median and into shadows… Gone from sight, but it must still be nearby.

Thankfully Crow had the good sense to let Matt know they were stranded on the side of the road and Matt decided to come get them. He arrives just as the Lupine on the overpass was nearing the end of the overpass.

Headlights blinding Raziel and Crow, they lose sight of it. “Let’s go!” yells Crow as he and Raziel jump into the vehicle.

Back at Zug Island they retell their harrowing experience. Wanting to make sure that everyone is at peak condition before any other conflict, Paxton suggests everyone go to The Kingdomto get some blood. He even offers to pay.

How kind! Or is this just another nail in the coffin of favors?

At the Kingdom they decide to go check out those apartments which James McDillon told them about. So they head out to Elmwood Towers Apartments which isn’t too far away.

Apartments 19,21 in one building and apartment 40 in the other. The group decides to take the apartment all by itself. Probably a smart move.

At the apartment they try to deceive the occupants and say they are pizza delivery guys. Pizza? At 5am? They didn’t even order any… Of course these guys don’t fall for it.

So the group degenerates into thugs and tries to kick down the door. It barely budges. Then someone else shoulders it, again, nothing. Another few tries and they finally get the door open…

Pathetic excuses for Kindred, I swear.

As they enter the apartment they find the two occupants busy trying to smash up computers and burn papers. A minor brawl ensues during which a computer is smashed up a bit with a hammer, another computer is thrown out of a window, one of the mortals takes a pistol butt to the head, and they finally give up the fight after being outnumbered 5 to 2.

The group gathers up the computer in the room, the cell phones, and the computer outside while also tying up the two mortals and taking them to the cars.

Out in the parking lot where Matt and Carter Garrot were waiting a familiar car pulls in the parking area. It does a U-turn and leaves as soon as it enters though. Carter mentions he believes it is one of the vehicles that has followed them in the past.

How suspicious…

No matter, here come the other guys with their loot. Time to get back to Zug Island and see what they found…

This long night is almost at a close. What will they find? How will this play out?


I’m ready to play!

Darkest Before Dawn pt. 2
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