Detroit in Darkness

The Unruly Brujah

There's a young Kindred causing problems. How will this problem be dealt with?

April 21st, 2011

After a bit of rest it’s time to hustle like only Detroit can do it.

The unlikely coterie has survived a brutal attack by strange Lupines called the Black Spiral Dancers. They have found that the Kindred of Detroit’s Camarilla were being monitored. The coterie has given this information to the Camarilla authorities in hopes of solving this riddle and also in gaining favor within the court.

And now they wait. They wait for their “friend” Seth to wake up. He’s been out for two weeks now. During that time the group has been training and working to improve their skills. They dare not be unprepared for another confrontation like the last.

A phone call from Crow to Matthew Grey and Paxton, “He’s awake.”

The group meets over at Clifford’s place where the body of Seth has lain in Torpor during this downtime. He’s groggy and weak, but he’s still undead. The Final Death has not taken him just yet.

Clifford suggests he stay and rest up. But we know how bull headed Seth can be. He gets up and leaves at the first opportunity. He needs answers. Answers that even Nikiha can’t give him.

Now that Seth is awake, the group decides to deal with some of the other rumors they’ve heard around town. One of these is that there is a young Brujah who is causing trouble and preaching about the uselessness of the Masquerade. He is open in his belief that the Masquerade hinders the ability of Kindred to rule as they should.

Raziel knows this Brujah, Tyrese Hill, and knows the bar which he frequents. They go to check out the Carbon Lounge in Hamtramck and see if Tyrese is there. They are in luck and find him there, talking to a mortal and tiptoeing the Masquerade as a subject.

Crow is waiting outside, hidden in the ground as he is prepared for the possibility of having to kill Tyrese. That’s what the group is there for, after all. They’ve been given leave by the Sheriff to handle the situation as they see fit. And so the plan goes: if talking doesn’t work and they can’t convince him to shut the hell up, then they will have to silence him for good.

Inside the bar it is quickly apparent in conversation that Tyrese is enamored with himself and his undead power. He talks, loudly, about how these mortals love everything about Vampires and how they should be rock stars. He cites all the recent Vampire movies as proof.

Not wanting to cause a scene, Paxton uses his Dominate ability to entreat Tyrese to go outside to further discuss the issue at hand. Tyrese is baffled and bewildered by his compliance but continues to stand his ground. This gang-banger gets irate, loud, and obnoxious as his ghetto-thug attitude rises to the surface. Even Raziel is displeased with the behavior.

Tyrese goes on to talk about how much stronger they are than humans and how they should definitely rule and be worshipped.

But, through the use of some coercion, Dominate, and even Presence, Paxton shows Tyrese that sometimes strength isn’t the only thing that matters. After a bit more conversation the group is able to get Tyrese to open up. It seems the young Brujah is just a big softy in that he simply wants recognition for his skills, strength, talents, and abilities.

I wonder how long he will last in this Dog-eat-Vampire kind of world.

After this “boring conversation,” Crow decides to go to Eden. While there he somehow seduces a gay man and gets his meal for the night. Turns out this guy has the hots for Crow and would like to meet up again. Crow doesn’t care. It’s food.

April 22nd, 2011

Tyrese took the offer extended to him the night prior and visits Zug Island. The young pup is both impressed and interested. He’s still not entirely convinced that maintaining the masquerade is the way to go, but he’s promised to behave himself while he’s working for Paxton and Raziel.

Hopefully he’ll be a good addition and not a liability.

Meanwhile, Seth is trying to make amends with Nikiha. You’d think he’s trying to woo the damsel with the lengths to which he goes in order to keep her placated. His new thing: trying to get the DIA opened for an evening so he can take her on a “date” there.

So cute in a way. And also so pathetic. You’re not supposed to play with your food, neonate.

Now that the Brujah is handled the Prince and Sheriff can rest easy. What’s next for our merry band?


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