Detroit in Darkness

The Unruly Brujah
There's a young Kindred causing problems. How will this problem be dealt with?

April 21st, 2011

After a bit of rest it’s time to hustle like only Detroit can do it.

The unlikely coterie has survived a brutal attack by strange Lupines called the Black Spiral Dancers. They have found that the Kindred of Detroit’s Camarilla were being monitored. The coterie has given this information to the Camarilla authorities in hopes of solving this riddle and also in gaining favor within the court.

And now they wait. They wait for their “friend” Seth to wake up. He’s been out for two weeks now. During that time the group has been training and working to improve their skills. They dare not be unprepared for another confrontation like the last.

A phone call from Crow to Matthew Grey and Paxton, “He’s awake.”

The group meets over at Clifford’s place where the body of Seth has lain in Torpor during this downtime. He’s groggy and weak, but he’s still undead. The Final Death has not taken him just yet.

Clifford suggests he stay and rest up. But we know how bull headed Seth can be. He gets up and leaves at the first opportunity. He needs answers. Answers that even Nikiha can’t give him.

Now that Seth is awake, the group decides to deal with some of the other rumors they’ve heard around town. One of these is that there is a young Brujah who is causing trouble and preaching about the uselessness of the Masquerade. He is open in his belief that the Masquerade hinders the ability of Kindred to rule as they should.

Raziel knows this Brujah, Tyrese Hill, and knows the bar which he frequents. They go to check out the Carbon Lounge in Hamtramck and see if Tyrese is there. They are in luck and find him there, talking to a mortal and tiptoeing the Masquerade as a subject.

Crow is waiting outside, hidden in the ground as he is prepared for the possibility of having to kill Tyrese. That’s what the group is there for, after all. They’ve been given leave by the Sheriff to handle the situation as they see fit. And so the plan goes: if talking doesn’t work and they can’t convince him to shut the hell up, then they will have to silence him for good.

Inside the bar it is quickly apparent in conversation that Tyrese is enamored with himself and his undead power. He talks, loudly, about how these mortals love everything about Vampires and how they should be rock stars. He cites all the recent Vampire movies as proof.

Not wanting to cause a scene, Paxton uses his Dominate ability to entreat Tyrese to go outside to further discuss the issue at hand. Tyrese is baffled and bewildered by his compliance but continues to stand his ground. This gang-banger gets irate, loud, and obnoxious as his ghetto-thug attitude rises to the surface. Even Raziel is displeased with the behavior.

Tyrese goes on to talk about how much stronger they are than humans and how they should definitely rule and be worshipped.

But, through the use of some coercion, Dominate, and even Presence, Paxton shows Tyrese that sometimes strength isn’t the only thing that matters. After a bit more conversation the group is able to get Tyrese to open up. It seems the young Brujah is just a big softy in that he simply wants recognition for his skills, strength, talents, and abilities.

I wonder how long he will last in this Dog-eat-Vampire kind of world.

After this “boring conversation,” Crow decides to go to Eden. While there he somehow seduces a gay man and gets his meal for the night. Turns out this guy has the hots for Crow and would like to meet up again. Crow doesn’t care. It’s food.

April 22nd, 2011

Tyrese took the offer extended to him the night prior and visits Zug Island. The young pup is both impressed and interested. He’s still not entirely convinced that maintaining the masquerade is the way to go, but he’s promised to behave himself while he’s working for Paxton and Raziel.

Hopefully he’ll be a good addition and not a liability.

Meanwhile, Seth is trying to make amends with Nikiha. You’d think he’s trying to woo the damsel with the lengths to which he goes in order to keep her placated. His new thing: trying to get the DIA opened for an evening so he can take her on a “date” there.

So cute in a way. And also so pathetic. You’re not supposed to play with your food, neonate.

Now that the Brujah is handled the Prince and Sheriff can rest easy. What’s next for our merry band?

Darkest Before Dawn pt. 2
...But in the eternal night, is there ever a dawn?

April 5th, 2011

This damnable night just seems to go on and on…

Nasir finally pulls his 350Z onto the slightly muddy ground of Zug Island where Paxton is waiting. After a short exchange about some overall goals which Paxton has for his organization, Shadow Edge, Nasir makes a leap of faith.

“This sounds like my basic idea”, he starts, “and right now I’m involved in something where I could probably use your help, if you’re willing.”

Paxton listens intently as Nasir fills him in on the current Lupine situation. But who knows what’s going on inside that scheming head of his.

Meanwhile, Matthew B. Grey, Crow, and Seth Grove, are taking the unconscious James McDillon to the Detroit Airport to get them on a flight. Matt looks up the times and flights available and decides to ship them off to Aspen.

Seth calls Nasir and lets him know what’s going on and Nasir, in his infinite wisdom, convinces Paxton and his partner Raziel Frost to get into the action. They said they’d help, so why not?

The trusting fool…

Everyone meets up at the airport and things are going well. I mean, there is 9 guys just rolling into the airport all with suits and looking like a mafia meeting, but no biggie. No one seems to care that much in Detroit.

Except that Priest over there. He cares about Nasir and the evil presence which Nasir seems to emanate. And he starts to cause a ruckus over it and brings some guards to attention. Sadly, in these post-9/11 days the local airport authorities take a middle easterner very seriously.

What’s this though? Paxton is moving in to save the day? With the judicial use of his Vampiric Discipline he is able to slightly mold the mind of the Priest and get him to calm down.

Once that is done, he uses that silver tongue of his to talk the airport security into believing that the priest was being somewhat racist against his friend.

Oh, and now Nasir is getting into the action and getting some comps from the airlines. Greedy fucking bastard.

With that situation now dealt with, James and his family get off on the flight to Aspen. Hopefully they will be safe there for the time being.

Everyone then plans what to do next and Paxton invites them over to his home base claiming that it will be a safe haven for them. Hey, he’s got armed men, so why not?

After they arrive they fill Paxton and Raziel in on the whole situation. Then first thing is first – how do they get the information they have into the right hands? How do they KNOW they got it into the right hands? The drive they left for the Prince might not have even been seen by him yet.

And so they decide to up their chances by attempting to contact Oliver the Black.

Raziel and Crow take off in Raziel’s Lamborghini. The first leg of the trip goes off perfectly. But on the way back from “leaving a message” for Oliver the Lambo stalls out.

How ominous…

While waiting for AAA, who Raziel called, they hear some low growling from the side of the road. Immediately on edge, Raziel grabs his shotgun.

Another growl comes from the overpass above them. As they look to the source, a nine-foot tall shadow unfurls from the darkness. Greenish eyes glower at the two Kindred, stranded on the side of the road.

Suddenly more growling is heard from under the overpass. A huge, shadowy figure is seen there as well.

Crow calls out in challenge, “Well come on then!” His tomahawk at the ready. He’s never skinned a giant wolf before. This could be a treat…if he survives.

The giant figure laughs and then proceeds to slowly lumber along the overpass, headed to where he could walk down to them. Along the way the figure’s giant claws are scraping against the overpass barrier and fence and creating a shower of sparks.

The figure under the overpass runs across the road and leaps over the median and into shadows… Gone from sight, but it must still be nearby.

Thankfully Crow had the good sense to let Matt know they were stranded on the side of the road and Matt decided to come get them. He arrives just as the Lupine on the overpass was nearing the end of the overpass.

Headlights blinding Raziel and Crow, they lose sight of it. “Let’s go!” yells Crow as he and Raziel jump into the vehicle.

Back at Zug Island they retell their harrowing experience. Wanting to make sure that everyone is at peak condition before any other conflict, Paxton suggests everyone go to The Kingdomto get some blood. He even offers to pay.

How kind! Or is this just another nail in the coffin of favors?

At the Kingdom they decide to go check out those apartments which James McDillon told them about. So they head out to Elmwood Towers Apartments which isn’t too far away.

Apartments 19,21 in one building and apartment 40 in the other. The group decides to take the apartment all by itself. Probably a smart move.

At the apartment they try to deceive the occupants and say they are pizza delivery guys. Pizza? At 5am? They didn’t even order any… Of course these guys don’t fall for it.

So the group degenerates into thugs and tries to kick down the door. It barely budges. Then someone else shoulders it, again, nothing. Another few tries and they finally get the door open…

Pathetic excuses for Kindred, I swear.

As they enter the apartment they find the two occupants busy trying to smash up computers and burn papers. A minor brawl ensues during which a computer is smashed up a bit with a hammer, another computer is thrown out of a window, one of the mortals takes a pistol butt to the head, and they finally give up the fight after being outnumbered 5 to 2.

The group gathers up the computer in the room, the cell phones, and the computer outside while also tying up the two mortals and taking them to the cars.

Out in the parking lot where Matt and Carter Garrot were waiting a familiar car pulls in the parking area. It does a U-turn and leaves as soon as it enters though. Carter mentions he believes it is one of the vehicles that has followed them in the past.

How suspicious…

No matter, here come the other guys with their loot. Time to get back to Zug Island and see what they found…

This long night is almost at a close. What will they find? How will this play out?
Darkest Before Dawn pt. 1
The night is darkest just before the dawn ...

April 4th, 2011 – continued

This whole situation is fucked. That’s what everyone is thinking as they drive through the urban landscape of Detroit.

It’s just after midnight when the coterie ends up back at Matthew’s penthouse. First thing’s first – “How about a drink?”

That Seth can be very hospitable at times. Almost makes a Ventrue cry.

James McDillon calms down a bit as the smooth taste of 30 year old, single barrel whiskey hits his stomach. “Everything went to shit,” he starts, “…just after my business went under. I lost my wife, my house…everything.”

Poor sap. Almost makes you want to kill him right there and put him out of his mortal misery.

He continues, “I was living practically on the streets when I was approached. These guys, they offered me money and a way out of my predicament. What could I do but take their offer? It was simple work, just watching people. Like some private eye type stuff, ya know?”

“But after a while, well, they wanted me to do violent things. I didn’t want to hurt anybody, but they threatened my family! How the fuck did they find my family?!”

I just want to yell at him…it’s the 21st century you dumb shit! Ever heard of a little company called Google?!

Matthew dispatches Carter to get James’ family before he decides to start questioning deeper – Who is he working for? What are they planning?

James gives them their worst news yet – the two Lupines they killed in the club were not the only ones. There are more and they are angry. That’s why he was on their tail and kidnapped Nikiha. They want their activity to stay a secret and they need that data on the thumb drive.

James happily forks over information about where the other mortal followers are living at. He doesn’t know much else though and after a second drink of whiskey he excuses himself to use the pisser.

That’s when things go wrong for the crew. A scream erupts from the bathroom like that of a dying man – who didn’t see that coming?

What these neonates see is a horrible sight indeed. James is clutching at his arm and chest area and the veins in his arm are starting to turn black. There’s a weird shadow in the corner and the reflection of an evil looking wolf eye peering out from some spilled water on the counter.

Seriously…what the fuck is going on in this place? I think I’ll start taking bets as to who dies next.

But before the pathetic mortal can bite the dust, Seth calls his little African witch to come and see if she can help. She’s never seen anything like this before and does what little she can – which is to simply halt the corruption in place. She glows a bit after grasping her symbol of faith and chanting a prayer and just like that the shadow and the eye disappear.

She has some hidden talents I see. I wonder what else she can do…

Matthew plays upon his best instinct – the need for more use…err…information from James – and calls Michael Pompey to see if he can help. Turns out he can but it’s going to cost $25,000. Matthew scoffs at the chump change and agrees immediately.

Michael comes over with a bag of tricks and, after an hour in seclusion with James he says that James will recover, but it will take time. James remains unconscious but is now surrounded by his wife and daughter.

What a cute scene. I wonder what the little girl tastes like? But I digress.

April 5th, 2011

Everyone stays at Matthew’s place though they are all a bit on edge what with the strange shadow and eyeball in the water.

Matthew decides he needs to attend to business matters and heads off to Eden Nightclub. While there, he meets with one of his special security members – Crow, a Kindred who has recently come to Detroit in search of answers. Crow and Matt are starting to trust each other, thankfully, which is why when Crow notices some goon in the crowd is eyeing Matthew, Crow goes to tell him about it.

Matthew immediately gets nervous. “Tighten security, keep an eye on that guy.”

But it’s all for naught. Once security tightens the guy is gone.

On the other side of town a meeting is taking place. Nasir finally got the business meeting he was hoping for from Paxton McCray. Meeting at The Kingdom, they get a drink and start the dance that all Kindred engaging in joint ventures engage in – the exchange of empty platitudes and utter nonsense in an attempt to gauge the other Vampire’s strengths and weaknesses.

What a waste of time. Just stake each other in the heart and save the world some time.

They agree to meet again later, however, which just might push this business deal into the realm of reality. In fact, Nasir agrees to go and see Paxton and his crew in his own domain. A bold move and one that displays immense trust.

Matthew decides to head back home and invites Crow to take on the special assignment of becoming an extra personal bodyguard. Paranoid much, Mr. Grey?

Though perhaps it was a good thing that he is so paranoid…Crow realizes they are being followed all the way back to Broderick Towers. Upon arrival he informs Matt about this – Matt instantly goes on high alert.

After getting up to the penthouse another mortal screams in fear. “AAAAAIIIIEEEEEEE!!!” This cannot bode well.

After they get to the room where James is being held they see his wife, Julie, panicking and pointing at the large window. “A face! What is that FACE?!”

They look and see a giant and somewhat human looking wolf face. It looks at them all with a growl. And then, it appears to laugh before fading away into nothing.

Obviously this place is not as safe as was previously believed.

Matt decides to make a bold move and help get James out of the country. Hopefully if he is away on a private island he and his family will be safe. Everyone packs up and is ready to go in minutes.

Meanwhile, Nasir has just made it to Zug Island, the domain and base of operations for Paxton and his associate Raziel Frost. What awaits him here? Death or opportunity?

There’s so much to do and enemies on all sides. Who will come out on top and how?

Probably no one. They’re all damned in undeath anyway…

The Darkness Deepens
Everything has consequences. Even survival.

April 2nd, 2011

…Fucking rain. That’s the shitty part about Michigan in Spring – just when you think it’s starting to get warm the weather turns cold again but with rain to boot.

At least it’s just a sprinkle. Nothing too bad. A good night for a night worker to be on shift, inside and dry.

And that’s just what Seth was up to. Well, he was brooding over the previous night’s events as well. And so just before shift he decides to talk to his confidant and friend about what happened. He learns some things that unsettle him, though I’m sure that if he learned there was a mouse in his room he’d be unsettled as well. Doesn’t take much with this guy.

Meanwhile, fucking Casanova is hitting on some ladies again. He’s spending some time out at the The Kingdom and meeting a new young lady named Felicia. She seems quite the pistol. Maybe enough to give him a run for his money.

The Assamite, Nasir is fucking around and looking for work. He’s rather bored it would seem and needs some more action after last night. Assamites are all adrenaline junkies if you ask me. And they can’t even make adrenal anymore. Poor bastards.

But what’s this? Someone following Casanova? And another person following Seth? This is definitely unusual. Could it be linked to last night’s shenanigans?

Matthew decides to play it safe and exits stage left. Seth just keeps an eye on his lobby. Because, heck, who wants to lose their job over someone who’s probably just a homeless man?

What a boring, rainy night.

April 3rd, 2011

Shit. Those guys are back. This can’t be just a coincidence. At least that’s what Seth thinks. He’s a little paranoid, but in this UnLife Paranoia can pay dividends.

And so he calls his new pal Nasir. Invites him over to talk to him a bit. And then decides to work on cracking the thumb drive he conspicuously received the other night.

What he found did not please him.

There was information about a new clan of Werewolves which are moving into Detroit and gaining human thralls to their cause. Even worse, these Lupines are in communication with the hated Sabbat!

Sabbat, Camarilla, Lupines…they’re all fucking beasts anyway.

Nasir doesn’t like the news. He hasn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary himself, but then again, he’s too focused on himself to really pay attention. What’s this? He offers to help – to be a lookout. Maybe he isn’t so selfish after all. Especially since his offer is to stand out in the rain all night making sure nothing goes awry.

Meanwhile Matt is having a grand ole time in the club as always. Except when he notices that same guy who’s been following him is back. And this time he’s inside Matt’s club! The nerve!!

Before Matt can react fully, the guy is gone. It’s best to put the bouncers and guards on high alert though…

April 4th, 2011

What a crappy Monday. It’s raining again. Still sprinkling down that horrible spring rain. It’s cold too.

Good thing those things don’t truly bother a Kindred too much.

Nasir and Seth meet back up to talk. Seth took the night off so that they could figure all of this out in more detail. Seth figures he needs to get this valuable information into the hands of someone who can properly deal with it. Nasir figures there will be a payday. Damn mercenary.

They decide to involve their other witness – Matthew Grey. He’s a Ventrue after all and seems like he has some sort of connections.

So they call him and off they go to meet at his Penthouse.

And what a Penthouse it is! Two whole floors of the building are his to live in. There’s a private garage and everything. Thank goodness too, because they were followed on the way over.

Matt calmly accepts the bad news – Lupines possibly making allies with the Sabbat. Well, let’s get this to the Prince! And he’s the smart one…

Just then the phone rings… Seth’s phone to be exact.

Oh, it’s no big deal. Nothing to be worried about. It’s just his mortal ally and closest friend has been kidnapped and is being held hostage in return for the thumb drive.

Seth promptly freaks out. I’m starting to see a pattern here. Shit hits the fan, Seth freaks out. At least he’s predictable.

Nasir and Matt on the other hand decide to take action. They agree to help Seth. Why? Probably for their own selfish motives. I mean, who doesn’t like having a favor in their pocket?

After coming up with a quick plan, they decide to take off to the meeting place. It’s way out in the wilderness – not a good omen.

Nasir gets dropped off early so he can stalk close to the drop point and set up a sniping position with a rifle Matt loaned him.

Matt’s Bently edges up to the parking area where there is a car already waiting – an old Buick just like the one that’s been seen following them. There’s a man and a light skinned woman. The woman has a gun to her…

Seth freaks out…again.

The headlights are giving off enough light that everything is clearly visible. Nasir is set up and waiting for the right opportunity to shoot.

Matt and Seth get out of the car. They walk a little forward…

“That’s far enough! Do you have the thumb drive?!”

That voice – recognition sets in. Matthew KNOWS this person.

“Is that you, James? ”/campaigns/detroit/characters/james-mcdillon" class=“wiki-content-link”>James McDillon?"

Shock sets in on James’ face. “Matt? Is that you? Don’t come any closer!”

Matt quickly assesses the situation and calms James down. Turns out he’s run in with the wrong crowd in a big way. He’s scared and broken…he needs help.

James puts the gun down and lets Nikiha go. Seth is overjoyed, Matt is contemplative, and Nasir is pissed because he didn’t get to make a head splatter on the pavement. I’m kind of with Nasir on this one…

So they all pile into cars and head out, back to Matt’s place, in order to question James about what’s going on with all of this.

They may not like what they find…

Enter the Darkness
A simple night? Nothing is simple in this un-life...

We finally started! And it was good… Read on to see what occurred!

April 1st, 2011

It was a balmy spring night in Detroit. That’s Michigan’s way of saying “here’s a taste of summer which won’t actually be here for another 2 months.” A perfect night for it too – April fools.

Several of the Neonates of Detroit had it in them to visit the Gothic club known as Ascension UK. A good night for it as the Goths will be showing some extra skin due to the weather. Yummy.

At least that’s what Seth and Matthew thought as they headed out for the evening. Seth was in search of pure sustenance. Matt was persuaded by a herd member to check out the scene. The promise of “desert” proved a powerful lure.

Meanwhile, Mr. Asad had a business meeting for a possible partnership that could prove fruitful. It’s too bad that Mr. McCray didn’t show up for it. He was busy with some bullshit going on in his crew. Sometimes being the boss sucks.

What a night. Oh yes, things were looking good. The scene was hopping and the girls were frisky.

But what’s this? A frantic man running into the club – looks scared out of his head if you ask me. Smells of fear to be sure. Probably saw a spider in the doorway. Mortals are such cowards.

Well this is a development: the frantic man is stopped as he bumps into Seth. They exchange a few short words before the man, after looking over his shoulder, bolts out of the back exit to the club. He is quickly followed by two large fellows who look like they mean business. Poor sap. Probably flirted with the wrong woman.

Things are good afterward and Seth gets part of his fill. Nasir looks sullen as he is realizing he got stood up at a business meeting. It’s annoying enough that he could just about KILL someone. Well he might just get his chance…those two large fellows are back and they are accosting Seth something fierce.

Two other guys, men who’ve been hanging out by the smoke area keeping to themselves, seem to not like this and approach the thugs. Some growls are exchanged and then suddenly – WHAT THE HELL?! Shit just hits the FUCKING fan.

Those two thug motherfuckers change into giant wolf-men – fucking lupines! And gross ones at that. They have patchy fur, mottled almost lizard-like skin, and glowing green eyes a midst warts and boils and such. Disgusting.

One of the thugs wastes no time and rakes his gigantic fucking claws across one of the other guys’ chest. Nearly cuts him in half but instead just cuts him to ribbons. Guts and gore go everywhere.

The other guy is luckier and only takes a small scratch to his arm. I guess he didn’t want to end up like his buddy – a bleeding meat sack on the floor. And then all of a sudden HE changes into a wolf man! Damn Lupines are everywhere these days. Where’s the number for the dog pound anyway? Aren’t they doing their damned job?

Poor little Seth, he’s just sitting there pissing himself. I don’t think he has a clue what’s going on. I don’t think his Beast does either.

And Matt, well he’s doing what seems to be the impossible. As all the other humans are running for dear life and screaming like maniacs he seems to have calmed his ladies down somewhat and is gallantly leading them out to safety. Kudos to you. Who says chivalry is dead? Oh wait, he IS dead.

Nasir just grins an evil grin. I think all Assamites have to perfect that grin before they are released into the wild. I bet they are staked and thrown back in the ground if they don’t. Because I swear to Caine that I’ve never seen an Assamite who can’t make that same damned grin.

He is smooth though. I’ll give him that. He slides right over to some shadows on the dance floor and disappears. I immediately watch my back. Fucking Assamites.

One of the dirty dogs grabs Seth and picks him up like a toy. Seth looks dumbfounded for a second before he decides to grow some claws and bitch slap the gigantic doberman that is holding him. Too bad his slap did nothing but piss him off. This might be the end for Seth. Too bad too, I kind of liked him.

But then ole Mikey does some sly shit and all that blood and guts freezes or something. Makes the dingy dog slip and fall over, dropping Seth. Maybe that guy will live to see another night after all.

The other two dogs are going at it. Clearly the “normal” looking dog is winning. Pfft. What the hell is normal about a 9-foot tall wolf-man? What the hell is normal about a damned dead guy walking around for that matter?

All of a sudden a shot comes from the darkness and the wolf hovering over Seth howls in pain. Nasir seems to have gotten some aggression out…

And then the other mangy mutt falls from some slashes and gashes the “nice” wolf dishes out. Fucking beasts, man. All brawn and no brain.

The wounded mutt realizes things aren’t in his favor and bolts for it. But not before Nasir is able to blow his fucking brains all over the wall. Poor Micheal. This is going to be a hell of a mess to clean up.

Everyone is out of the club and the fight is over as quick as it started. That’s when slick Rick Mr. Grey comes back on the scene. Smart guy if you ask me.

Everyone converses for a while. The Lupine who came to Seth’s aid – or did he join for his own reasons? Anyway, he thanks them for their help and introduces himself as Jerry before he departs with his dead friend over his shoulder.

Michael starts going about cleaning up the mess using some crazy wicked magic – who knew that you could sprinkle salt on Lupines and they would burn to ash? Apparently Michael did.

Meanwhile, all Seth can think about is “What the HELL?!” and “Why ME?” He ponders for a second that perhaps it has something to do with that weird thumb drive you found in your pocket just before he was accosted. Something about a 17th president.

Again he thinks, and says, “WHAT THE HELL?!”

Michael shoos everyone out and away. Outside the club the trio make proper introductions. Although they somewhat know of each other, they don’t really know each other. After coming to no consensus whatsoever, typical of Kindred, they part ways.

Nasir let’s his friend Dmitra Ilyanova know about the incident. She seems very intrigued and promises to look into it.

Meanwhile Seth gets rudely hung up on by Bruce Halifax, one of Dmitra’s Hounds.

And lastly, Matt enjoys a good meal back at his place.

And the night ends much quieter than it began. Perhaps tomorrow night will be less exciting than tonight was. Probably not. This is fucking Detroit after all.

Spring is Coming
Starting soon I hope!

So it looks like we may be starting the game soon. Probably in early August. I’m still finishing up all the basic setting needs so that personalities, plots, and other things are all in motion and (mostly) fleshed out when we start. Sandbox game for the win!

I AM looking at likely utilizing Google+ Hangouts and the website Roll20 ( for the game. This will allow us to all play without always having to be face to face and should limit the amount of scheduling conflicts we have. I’ve already stated that I will be running sessions as long as we have 3 or more players to play. If you miss a session, that’s on you. I’m not going to be coddling anyone. You either want to play, and make time, or you don’t play that week.

That’s also part of the reason I’m looking at doing the online gaming thing. This will help accommodate those individuals who don’t live very close to me. I am still willing to have people “at the table” with me playing face to face. A Laptop will still be necessary in order to work with those players who aren’t with us in person.

I am also still going to be working in some special “Drama Cards” and will be keeping close track of which cards everyone has. I think these will add a good amount of flair to the game.

Lastly, this is a Vampire game. Vampires can sometimes be backstabbing assholes when what you are doing hinders their long-term goals. Thus I will ALLOW the manipulating, lying to, and even attacking of other player characters. PvP is entirely possible although it is discouraged for the obvious reasons of group unity, possible hurt feelings, and the fact that there will already be plenty of other enemies for you to worry about.

Please leave comments and thoughts for what you are thinking, what you would like to see, or any questions!

The Delay
Why no action yet?

Well, we were SUPPOSED to start in May. But that didn’t happen. I, the Storyteller of this game, got tagged for a Deployment to Afghanistan. So that kind of put a damper on that whole thing. On the plus side I have some extra time – like a whole year – to work on the campaign details and really flesh out my “world.” By the time I get back the whole of Detroit will be populated, those citizens will have back-stories and motivations and plans, and the plot will so well developed that I think I’ll be able to make a movie series out of it.

I don’t plan on having the players do too much until about a month before I get home. They can do more if they want, but it’s not required. I figure that if I give everyone a month to re-flesh out their characters, their back-stories, and their motivations, then everyone will be in the “VTM mindset” when we start play. And I am PUMPED to start play.

So, if you are a visitor to this page and want to see how this story unfolds, then I recommend you keep this in mind and be ready for the fun to begin sometime during the summer of 2013. That is, of course, if Gehenna doesn’t happen on December 21st of this year. Eeegads.

Getting ready to start

The game is currently in the planning phase and the site is being updated weekly. If you are a guest to this campaign page, please, look around and enjoy. I’m particularly proud of my Interactive Detroit Map and really look forward to the players and the campaign fleshing it out more. After all, some things are unknown to the players yet.

We are all really looking forward to the game. I must admit that I really like some of the things that the DM for Star Trek Late Night does in his campaign and I am going to “borrow” some of those things. The idea of a drama deck, for instance. I mean, I’ve played in games with “player points” which allow players to do cool stuff on the fly or permanently augment characters…but the drama deck seems so much more fun – and random! And the fact that some of the cards can be used by players to screw over other players works perfectly in a Vampire: The Masquerade setting.

Anyways, we intend to start sometime in May. So there is plenty of time to pump up the site and get it to where I want it to be. And by then I’ll also be an Ascendant member! So that means more features and more fun when the game actually starts!

- Jared


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